New 1080p Full HD Projector Available

We are happy to announce we have added a new 1080p HD Projector to our audio/visual equipment offerings for just $60 for a weeknight or $75 for the whole weekend!

Every year around the NFL and NBA playoff seasons and any time there is a broadcast of a big Mayweather fight we get lots of requests for a full HD projector. Sports and movies are where you notice the biggest difference between standard definition and high definition. If you want to see the picture so clearly you can make out the writing of the brand of basketball they use, you will definitely want to go HD.

Our new projector takes the same inputs as any of the projectors in our previous lineup, including HDMI, VGA, and RCA, but it is capable of 1080p picture resolution. That means you can get more detail packed into the same size of image. You’ll want to pair the projector with one of our excellent projection screens to get the most benefit from the high definition resolution.

How to make sure you’re getting 1080p?

To get the full benefit of high definition picture quality, you’ll want to make sure you are actually sending the projector a high definition signal. Generally, if you are using a (fairly) recently purchased Blu-ray player, DVD player, or a modern gaming console like a Playstation 4 or Xbox 360, the signal coming to the projector will be high definition. But if you are using your laptop, you will want to make sure your display settings are correct to allow for a high definition output to the projector. Some older laptops don’t have this ability, so it’s always good to check first. Call us if you have any questions! We can help walk you through all the tech-y stuff.

Is the full HP projector for you?

Ask yourself these questions: what type of event are you planning for? Do I or my viewers care about having the “movie theater” experience and do we need the best quality we can get? Then the HP projector is for you. Is it a birthday party for kids, where none of the viewers will really care if they don’t get crystal-perfect definition on their favorite cartoon? Then go with the cheaper, standard definition projector.


We can help! We specialize in helping people get their party or event off the ground who have never used audio visual equipment before. Whether it is walking you through which cables to use, where to plug them in, or how to wrap your head around where the audio and video signals are originating and which pathways they take to go through the equipment to give you picture and sound. Give us a call!

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